Pronomar are happy about a new order from Rijfers River Cruises, based in Arnhem and running a fleet of luxurious cruising vessels. All their vessels offer all mod cons and leave nothing to be desired by the guests on-board. Back in 2011 it was for the Regina Rheni, that Rijfers River Cruises contacted us for our innovative and environment-friendly MERUS solution for green water treatment.

In-keeping with their approach to not only look after their guests well-being and comfort, same as on the Regina Rheni, Rijfers River Cruises decided to also keep their new vessel, the Filia Rheni, up to the highest standard in terms of water quality and their technical equipment.
This is where Pronomar entered the picture again: Johan Rijfers decided on the following Pronomar-MERUS rings to be installed on-board the Filia Rheni:

one 2″ HCI ring at the hydrofoor,
one 2 ½” IND BIO ring at the circulation line to the swimming pool and, last but not least,
one 2 ¼” IND BIO ring at the warm water system

The MERUS rings, once installed, work in a very simple yet highly effective way – they give off tiny oscillations disturbing the lime scale, bacteria and/or maritime growth. Afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away leaving the respective equipment free from any harmful build-up. With the MERUS rings you not only bring back the initially experienced performance level but you also prolong the lifetime of the equipment in question, which means a significant decrease in operational and maintenance costs.

Pronomar are happy to see the Filia Rheni follow in the footsteps of its sister, the Regina Rheni and appreciate the trust being put in them by Rijfers River Cruises once again.

In case this is something that could also be of benefit to you then do not hesitate, contact us today for more information!