We are very happy about our new cooperation with Aquador BV, a Dutch company based in Hoogblokland, with 15 years of experience and dedication to offering solutions for bacteriological problems in drinking water systems to the BeNeLux market. Aquador also introduced the Markshower System which is an automatic flushing system for all water lines. By flushing the water lines with warm water on a regular basis you effectively fight and prevent Legionella bacteria in the water.

Aquador’s Markshower System and our Pronomar-Merus technology are a perfect match and we are therefore happy to be part of Aquadors many projects. Our first mutual project took us to a sports hall in Ablasserdam. In April of this year Aquador installed their Markshower System and Pronomar was happy to install the following of their equally efficient Merus rings:

– One 1 ¼” IND ring at the circulation line of the Markshower system
– One 1 ¼” IND ring at the main water supply

Where the Aquador Markshower System fights and prevents Legionella, our Pronomar-Merus rings fight and counteract heavy scaling. The way this is achieved is that, once the rings are installed around the pipes / equipment in question, they give off micro-fine oscillations disturbing the lime scale (or other troublemakers such as barnacles, algae etc.). Afterwards the troublemaking substances are simply flushed away, leaving the respective pipes free from any harmful build-up which in consequence means the pipes are back to their initial performance and also their lifetime is increased considerably. On top of that the rings are easily installed and require no maintenance at all which signifies quite a saving in time and operational costs.

For Pronomar it is an excellent opportunity to work hand in hand with Aquador and trust their and our product will complement each other perfectly, not only at the sports hall in Ablasserdam but also in future installations. We look forward already to a new mutual project with Aquador!