Pronomar were very happy to receive an order for boot/glove drying systems from Tersan Shipyards, located in Yalova/Turkey. The boot dryers will be part of the new-built Longliner Norway fishing vessel, under the ownership of Ervik Haviske, one of the leading fishing companies in Norway. The vessel with a length of 60 meters, thus making it one of the biggest amongst her premises, was scheduled for delivery to the owner mid-August 2011.

The vessel not only boasts not only an electric propulsion system, freeze cargo holds and an advanced fish process plant but also includes the well established and highly efficient Pronomar-Top Trock boot /glove drying systems, all made from stainless steel, catering for up to 55 people (55 pairs of boots or gloves). With those efficient and state-of-the-art dryers, the crew on board can now go about their arduous daily work with perfectly dried and properly maintained footwear, which will relieve their daily stress as they do not have to worry about wet boots or gloves anymore.
Apart from the well-being of the people on board, which adds to a healthy and positive work environment, the drying systems also increase the garments life time significantly which in the long run also brings down purchasing costs.

Pronomar are happy about this cooperation with Tersan Shipyards which went smoothly from start to finish in a short time from receiving the order to delivery of the drying panels in time for the end-delivery of the fishing vessel to its owners.