Fitland, established in 1984 with the first centre in Mill, developed over the years into one of the biggest and most innovative chains of fitness centres in The Netherlands, with locations all over the country. As Fitland strives to provide the best service to their members they also put a big accent on the appearance and state of their fitness centres and appliances. As both in Oss and Deurne the management was concerned about heavy lime scale on their water appliances (taps, shower heads etc) and also floors they got in contact with us and asked for our innovative Pronomar-Merus rings.

In February of this year we installed the following rings:

at Fitland Oss:
one 1″ IND ring at the main water feed pipe &
one 1″ IND ring for the warm water system

at Fitland Deurne:
ne 1″ BIO IND at the main water feed pipe &
one 3/4″ IND for the warm water system

The Pronomar-Merus rings are a perfectly eco-friendly solution to counteract and prevent problems with lime scale, which, if not tackled, can slow down efficiency or, in the worst case, damage the water pipes. The rings, once installed, give off micro-fine oscillations, disturbing the lime scale. Afterwards the troublesome lime scale is simply flushed away thus leaving the pipes free from any harmful build-up. There are many advantages that speak for the Merus rings, from easy installation to no maintenance and longer lifetime of the pipes; in the respect of fitness centres advantages not to be neglected are cleaner pipe systems, better water quality (also in terms of coffee and tea water), less chemicals needed as well as a cleaner overall appearance of the fitness clubs.

We are very happy about the installations at Fitland and especially so as we got great feedback from our customers confirming excellent results and improvements in terms of cleanliness of the floors as well as shower heads and taps etc. This is naturally what we always aim to achieve and we would be very pleased to see other Fitland centres following the example set by Oss and Deurne.