Dear Sir,

we would like to take the opportunity and hereby thank you for installing the MERUS rings which we are going to recommend without any doubt.

Our equipment such as the steam generators for the steam room as well as all the pipes suffered from heavy lime scale even though we did use water softeners. We had to clean and treat the equipment with corrosive chemicals on a regular basis and sometimes were left with no choice other than to completely change the elements in question.

We have tested the MERUS rings at 3 of our clubs (at one new one and 2 old ones) and could immediately recognize a drop in failures and symptoms relating to the presence of limestone.
The easiness (the rings are adjustable for all types and sizes of pipes), the fast installation and efficiency of the MERUS rings after only a short time (results are visible in less than 2 months) are big assets; moreover the rings do not need any special maintenance unlike other methods for the conventional water treatment.

We have therefore decided to introduce and install MERUS rings at all our clubs and would like to do so in cooperation with you.


Fitness First