After having recently equipped the Fitness First clubs in Paris – France with the highly efficient MERUS rings Pronomar are now happy to have received an official letter of recommendation from Nicolas Guillosson, the Facility Manager at Fitness First in Paris.

Mr. Guillosson reports that before the MERUS rings were installed, they were having problems with heavy scaling in their water pipes as well as steam generators for their steam rooms, even though they did use water softeners. As a consequence there was a lot of cleaning and service to be done and as a last measure often the affected equipment had to be replaced. After the installation of the MERUS rings immediate results were visible; the problems and symptoms relating to heavy lime scale decreased significantly and that in less than 2 months.

Apart from these brilliant results after a very short period of time Fitness France also value the facts that the rings are easy to install, that they are flexible as they can be adjusted to fit all types and sizes of pipes and last but not least that there is no maintenance involved, which makes a big difference to other systems for the treatment of water.

Fitness France in Nantes, Brest and Pau are said to follow the Parisian example in the near future to substitute the salt treatment with the Merus Green Water Treatment Technology in their facilities.

To emphasise the importance and benefits of the MERUS rings, a certificate in French, attesting the use of Merus rings and pinpointing the most important advantages, will be issued and made visible in every club in France.

Pronomar are happy to have received such good feedback and official recommendation and look forward to cooperating with Fitness First France again for the equipping of the remaining clubs with our MERUS technology in the near future.