FleetPro Passenger Ship Management, also known as Fleetpro, provides management services for passenger ships worldwide. Fleetpro is leading manager in both river and ocean vessel markets. FleetPro River, based in Basel, Switzerland, provided Pronomar with an order for the environment-friendly MERUS ring on behalf of the river cruise ship the Avalon Scenery. The German passenger vessel offers a capacity for 138 persons in total and is fully equipped with high-quality areas such as lounge bars, dining rooms and fitness rooms to certify the comfort of the passengers during their cruise holiday.

Pronomar equipped the Avalon Scenery with the following MERUS rings:
– 2 x 2″ HCI MERUS ring before and after the hydrophore
– 1 x 2″ HCI MERUS ring on the feedpipe to the boiler
– 1 x ½” IND MERUS ring on the returnpipe from the boiler
– 2 x 1″ IND MERUS ring on the feedpipe to the kitchen

The highly-efficient MERUS rings give off molecular oscillations disturbing lime scale, rust and bacteria formed in fresh- and seawater lines. Using the MERUS rings the pipes of the passenger ship are stripped of lime scale and rust, which ensures the water quality. This makes for happy passengers and crew-members on-board!

Pronomar is very pleased about this order for the Avalon Scenery and looks forward to receiving the orders for the remaining 13 Avalon passenger vessels.