After a successful trial period, Fletcher Stadspark Hotel in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands, decided to place an order in December 2014. Within the trial period it’s become soon clear to the hotel that they had fewer problems with lime scaling in the wellness area. Also they experienced that now this area requires less maintenance.

Fletcher has chosen to install a ½” IND Pronomar MERUS ring for the “Turkish Steamroom”.

At hotels, wellness centres and fitness centres, who experience lime scale problems, it’s a good idea to consider the Pronomar – MERUS applications. The MERUS technology consists of a ring that is placed around the water pipe and emits small oscillations to the water. As a result, the growth of deposits, such as scale, are disturbed and the pipes and appliances remain clean. In addition, older deposits degrade over time leaving the pipes even cleaner than before the MERUS ring was installed. The MERUS ring is an innovative and environment-friendly alternative to expensive maintenance services. It increases the lifespan of not only the water pipes but all water related machines and devices such as boilers and pumps.