Pronomar are particularly happy to have received a new order from Hapag Lloyd, following their successful cooperation in 2009, where they were asked to install a 4” HCI BIO ring at the evaporator on board the “Tokyo Express”.

This time around Hapag Lloyd, based in Hamburg and one of the biggest container shipping lines in the world, running more then 100 vessels, asked Pronomar to install their highly effective and environment- friendly MERUS rings on board another 3 of their vessels. Nowadays with the focus being on green shipping, the MERUS solution fits perfectly into this policy and the Hapag Lloyd, in-keeping with that policy, knows how the MERUS rings help to lessen the burden on the environment.

The rings will be installed at the Alfa Laval Fresh Water Generators: these are responsible for production of drinking or fresh water on board of vessels that are not travelling along the coast line but far out at sea where drinking water as we know it is simply not available. The Alfa Laval Fresh Water Generators can produce up to 25 m3 per day.
To make sure the water is of the best quality and the generators are kept at the highest standard performance-wise the Pronomar-MERUS rings are installed; after the installation they give off tiny oscillations disturbing the scaling. Due to the cleaning of the system with the Merus technology the generators capacity is brought back to the performance levels experienced at the initial installation.

Apart from the longer lifespan of the generators and the initial water quality, another major advantage of the Merus ring technology is that there is less service or maintenance required saving a lot of time and manpower as well as actual savings in operation costs.

Pronomar are proud to have been considered by Hapag Lloyd again and trust that, after the “Tokyo Express” also the 3 vessels now will benefit from their environment friendly MERUS rings.