The company Fugro Netherlands has given the order to install the following Merus rings on the Geotechnical Drilling Vessel MV Bucentaur One 1 1/2″ High Industrial Capacity Bio Ring at the Hydro for and a 2″ High Industrial Capacity Bio Ring for the sanitary system (waste pipe to the Vacuum tank) With the installation of the Merus Rings Fugro Netherlands will have on the MV Bucentaur at the water supply, less problems with scale and rust and a better flow on the waste pipe to the Vacuum Tank.

Furthermore they will witness a better performance of their water equipment Geotechnical Drilling Vessel MV Bucentaur Bucentaur is a dynamically positioned drilling vessel operating world wide in up to 2000 metres of water. The main market is geotechnical and geological surveys and shallow stratigraphic drilling. Other market areas include subsea module handling, wellhead maintenance, pilot holes for shallow gas detection, pile and conductor installation and drillstring operated jetting tools for excavation and removal of material from clay fraction up to boulder size.