We were very pleased about a new order from GloMar Ship management. After the Glomar Baltic and Glomar Patriot it was now for their sister vessel, the Glomar “Arctic”, where drying systems for 4 FRC suits, oilskin clothes, overalls, shoes/boots and gloves will be installed.

Drying is done efficiently and fast with a lot of warm air, coming from a powerful blower that blows the air, through strategically placed nozzles in the form-fitting hangers, directly into the garments. By keeping the costly work wear dry at all times, the materials lifetime is extended greatly. The drying systems also help to increase the wellbeing and motivation of the crew on-board: if you can work in dry clothes you are less likely to get sick. As the drying time is controlled by timers, the crew on board can relax after a hard day’s work knowing their work wear will be perfectly ready the next day. All without lifting a finger – apart from putting their outfits over the hangers 🙂

Pronomar are pleased and proud about this long-lasting corporation with GloMar Shipmanagement and see it as a proof of the excellent service and quality we provide!

Sounds good? Do not hesitate; contact us today to find out more! We look forward to hearing from you.