Glomar Offshore Wind Support B.V. operates service vessels for the offshore wind industry. With their new vessel ‘Glomar Wave’ they will be able to provide the following services:

– Offshore Windfarm Accommodation Vessel
– Dive Support Vessel
– Safety Standby Vessel / Emergency Response & Rescue Vessel
– (Platform) Supply Vessel
– Survey Vessel

For the development of the Glomar Wave the latest techniques in shipbuilding and equipment were used. Amongst the many amenities the vessel offers are also Pronomar’s highly efficient drying systems for work jackets and trousers, survival and diving suits, as well as for boots and gloves. The performant drying room equipment will not only see to the own crew’s and guest crew’s well-being with always comfortable dry and functional work wear, but also the operator’s costs will be kept at a minimum due to less sick leaves and a longer lifetime of the costly equipment.

The suit and boot dryers are all made from solid stainless steel and therefore built to last. The drying systems dry from the inside out by means of a big amount of warm air coming from a powerful (yet energy efficient) blower.