Pronomar, who are by know well-known for their efficient and environment friendly solutions in terms of Greenwater treatment, are happy to have received an order from the company and ship-owner VOS (Vroon Offshore Services), with their Dutch office (one of 4 around the world) based in Den Helder, Netherlands, to equip their subsea support vessel VOS Sympathy with the state-of-the-art MERUS ring technology.

Vroon Offshore Services (VOS) decided to have 2 rings fitted to their freshwater system in order to fight and reduce scaling in their piping system. 2 Merus 1 ¼” Industrial Bio rings will be installed with the purpose to take care of bringing back the water quality and performance levels of the pipes as experienced at the initial installation.

The way this will be done is that the rings once installed give off micro-fine oscillations that disturb the lime scale. Afterwards the troublesome substances are flushed away leaving the water pipes or any equipment in question free from any scaling. The equipments lifetime is also prolonged which in turn means a significant decrease in operational costs as well as a saving in time as there is no maintenance involved with the MERUS rings.

Pronomar are happy to have been able to help by providing this efficient and environment-friendly method of Green water treatment and trust the VOS Sympathy and their crew will benefit from this.