Pronomar are pleased to have been appointed as supplier of a Top Trock drying system for wetsuits for the vessel ‘Arctic Sunrise’, property ofGreenpeace.

The Arctic Sunrise was formerly used as a seal hunting vessel and activists had once confronted the ship while delivering equipment for the French government to build an airstrip through a habitat for penguins (in the Antarctic). Nowadays the Arctic Sunrise is an icebreaker for Greenpeace, a well-known non-governmental organization which states its goal to “ensure the ability of the Earth to nurture life in all its diversity”.

The workers of Greenpeace, and on the Arctic Sunrise in particular, do a good job for our fragile earth and so they deserve something in return. Because these workers have to do their job in heavy weather conditions, they benefit from properly dried suits. Our stainless-steel drying systems, operated by apowerful warm-air blower, have an additional advantage of increasing the lifetime of the costly clothing which in the long run decreases expenses.

In short, Pronomar are very happy with this order from Greenpeace and are confident that the Arctic Sunrise-crew can now do their daily tasks without having to worry about how to get their work suits dry.