The new multipurpose subsea operation support vessels MT 6022 XLs for Gulmar Offshore Midle East LLC in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were developed and designed by Marin Teknikk in close co-operation with the owner over a period of eight months.

The vessels are being constructed for operation in the Middle East and Indian Ocean, in addition to the North Sea. They are therefore designed for operation in areas with extreme environmental conditions.
The vessels have a length overall of 115m and beam of 22m and a strengthened working deck of 1,120m2 aft of the dive area. The accommodation is arranged for 120 persons, and the contract includes diving system for 18 of divers, whom can operate in two different teams at same time.
The two MT 6022 XLs will also be equipped with the multipurpose drying system, made from stainless steel 316, for

a) diving suits, survival suits, work overalls, splash suits, various jackets & trousers, life jackets, etc. on 3 x 8 drying sections

b) 20 pairs of boots or gloves, also suitable for (diving) masks, helmets and various other protective equipment

Other major equipment on deck will be a hangar with LARS system for Work Class ROV and an optional ‘A’ frame on the stern.
The vessels will also be equipped with a helicopter deck for the Sikorsky S-92 class.
The first of the new vessels will be delivered during in the summer of 2009 and the second will be delivered in the autumn of that year.