Leonhardt & Blumberg was founded in 1903 and managed over 180 vessels, which were mostly general cargo vessels and bulk carriers. Today they provide modern containerships ranging from about 1.500 TEU to 3.600 TEU capacity with best-in-class operations.

After other vessels were equipped over the years by Pronomar, now also the Hansa Offenburg and Hansa Drakenburg, both part of the 1.700 TEU fleet, were recently outfitted with the innovative and ecofriendly MERUS technology.

The highly-efficient MERUS ring gives off molecular oscillations disturbing lime scale, rust and bacteria formed in fresh- and seawater lines. The lifespan of the waterlines and applications is prolonged, after the substances are flushed away and leave the equipment lime-scale free, which leads to the initially high performance levels. MERUS rings save time and money in maintenance and therefore reduce the overall operational costs.

Pronomar is happy to have Leonhardt & Blumberg among their regular customers and look forward to continuing this cooperation in the years to come.