Our Pronomar-MERUS solution has proved a real hit with fitness clubs and spas all over BENELUX, for instance in Luxembourg, where over the last two years we were asked to equip the Health City facilities with our innovative and environment-friendly MERUS solution for green water treatment. It was therefore a great pleasure to recently receive an order from Health City Luxembourg to equip their remaining two clubs.

The following rings were ordered and installed:
At LUX Foetz:
–   one 2″ IND ring at the main water supply,
–   one 1 1/2″ IND ring at the warm water supply and
–   one 1/2″ IND ring at the steam generator

& at LUX Gare (Hollerich)
–   one 2″ IND ring for the main water supply,
–   one 2″ IND BIO for the warm water supply and, last but not least,
–   one 1/2″ IND for the steam generator

The way the rings work is easily explained: after installation, they give off tiny oscillations disturbing the lime scale. Subsequently the troublemakers are simply flushed away leaving the respective pipes from any harmful build-up. Apart from being maintenance free, the rings also bring back the initially experienced performance level and thus prolong the lifetime of the costly equipment in question.

Advantages of our MERUS rings, especially for fitness clubs, to name just a few (which we trust also Health City will confirm) include:
–   cleaner pipe systems, with considerably reduced lime scale and rust which means less failure and breakdown of all water operating devices
–   longer lifetime of pumps, filters, boilers and heat exchangers
–   less chemicals needed to fight lime scale and rust, which means both a financial as well as environmental advantage
–   much cleaner overall appearance of the fitness clubs, and last but not least,
–   feeling of softer water

The last two advantages on the list the clients can directly benefit from. So overall it can be said that the installation of a MERUS ring not only prolongs the lifespan of the equipment, but it also helps in saving energy from heating as well as bringing down the purchasing costs, i.e. for chlorine and, not to be neglected of course, you also increase your clients well-being while or after working out!

We from Pronomar are very happy to know all Health City clubs all over Luxembourg are now equipped with MERUS rings and take it as prove that the rings to exactly what they promise!

Have you also considered switching from using a lot of chemicals to an environment, lasting solution? We look forward to hearing from you!