Over five years ago Pronomar has installed several MERUS rings at HealthCity in Waalwijk. HealthCity is very pleased with the advantages of the MERUS rings, but has now returned the rings to Pronomar for a RELOAD. The MERUS rings are to be checked once in every five years and get reprogrammed so that they continue to perform optimally.

HealthCity Waalwijk currently makes use of the following five MERUS rings:
• 1½“ HCI BIO ring on the main water pipe
• 1” IND BIO ring on the output of the boiler
• 1” IND BIO ring on the heat exchanger
• 2 x ½“ IND ring on the steam generator

Several years ago HealthCity Waalwijk ordered her first MERUS rings. The MERUS technology consists of a programmed ring which is installed around a water pipe. The ring makes use of small oscillations which are carried by the fluid and disturb the growth of rust, scale, bacteria etc. in both fresh and salt water. Disturbing the growth of these materials and bacteria improves the water flow and the pipes will stay clean longer. Other advantages of the MERUS ring are an extended lifespan of devices and machinery, longer service intervals, more efficient use of chemicals, reduced operating costs, saving time and money.

Pronomar looks forward to continuing the good cooperation with HealthCity, also at other locations!