You can not visit Rotterdam and not see the Hotel New York, a beautiful building in the Jugendstil style and one of THE hotels of the city. Back in the times when many Dutch people escaped and headed for New York in search of fortune and a happier life, what is now a hotel used to be the HQ for the Holland America Line.

In 1993 the Hotel New York was opened and it is one of the landmarks in Rotterdam, certainly not to be missed. It is an honour for Pronomar to now be a part of this prestigious institution by supplying and installing a 4” MERUS ring at the main water supply and also for the warm-water.

The MERUS rings are an innovative and very environment-friendly solution for green water treatment.
After installation they give off tiny oscillations which disturb the limescale. Afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away leaving the equipment in question free from scaling or other harmful build-up. By keeping the pipes free from scaling you not only bring back the initial performance but you also extend their lifetime considerably. Last but not least the rings are maintenance-free which signifies quite a saving in time and operational costs.

Pronomar are happy to count the famous Hotel New York to their customers and are particularly proud to be part of it seeing that the hotel has just been achieved the Golden Key from the Green Key organization, which aims to contribute to the prevention of climate change and to sustainable tourism by awarding and promoting good initiatives.
The Golden Key is an eco-label for hospitality facilities to strive to achieve just that. Hotel New York is now among the ranks of eco-friendly and green hotels and Pronomar fits right into this concept with their MERUS rings and feel that they also might have played a certain part in the hotel New York achieving this honour.