In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries were faced with ramped-up hygiene measures for  their key-workers. Workplace safety should never be taken lightly and now, more than ever, it is of highest importance to focus on hygienic, bacteria-free and comfortable work environments.

Pronomar offers different solutions to improve the hygiene levels within organisations by means of different drying and cleaning solutions for the personal protective equipment of employees. With their professional drying systems, PPE is dried from the inside out with a strong flow of warm air, reaching all problem areas such as finger tips and arm pits. As they keep sweat from building up inside the garments, unpleasant odor-causing bacteria don’t stick. The space-saving and effective drying systems are highly appreciated out at sea, where weather conditions can be tough, or in land-based industries with varying temperatures such as the (frozen) food industry, fire brigades etc.

In addition to the renowned drying solutions, Pronomar recently introduced a new product; the boot cleaner. The robust boot cleaning stations are ideal for tough use and contain a water-connected hand brush that ensure a thorough cleaning of the tops and shafts of the boots, whereas three heavy-duty brushes with water spray nozzles clean the soles and edges of the footwear optimally, avoiding residues of bacteria and contaminations to spread. With the extra high handle, a safe, straight and stable standing position is secured while the crew is cleaning their boots or work shoes.

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