A few years ago, Pronomar successfully started the cooperation with British firm Jo Bird & Co. Ltd, a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing safety equipment storage, for both lifesaving and fire safety. This development lead to an exclusive product line of GRP drying cabinets. The combination of Pronomar’s robust drying systems, together with JoBird’s high performance GRP cabinets, resulted in a reliable solution for offshore and onshore applications. Companies that require a drying cabinet for their immersions suits, life vests, rebreathers etc. on deck, that have to endure the most severe weather conditions, are at the right address with Pronomar and Jo Bird.

Especially for those industries where the most inhospitable environmental situations can occur, the GRP drying cabinets are in high demand. The GRP cabinets can weather temperatures of -40C to +50C and can resist tempestuous circumstances with water, ice, sand, dust and wind, from hurricane-force winds to sandstorms. Consequently, crews in for instance industries such as the oil, gas and marine industry, who experience the extremes of cold and heat, can benefit from a durable drying cabinet which allows them to work in a dry and comfortable outfit.

The fitted drying systems inside the cabinets use a large amount of warm air, which flows through the continuous stainless steel framework and body-shaped hangers, reaching all parts of the clothing via nozzles. This efficient way of drying ensures that the level of hygiene significantly increases, staff illness decreases and the team moral improves, while at the time the lifespan of the equipment will be prolonged. Since the drying cabinets are made of GRP, the material will not corrode nor weaken and therefore do not require any type of maintenance. Recently, BP, the British multinational oil and gas company, purchased the GRP drying cabinets for a project in Kazakhstan, which ultimately proves the level of quality.