Pronomar are proud to have been ordered to equip the 3 vessels of the Rivercruise Lines with the innovative and environment-friendly MERUS ring solution.

Rivercruise Lines, based in Basel/Switzerland operates 3 cruise vessels, specialises in sailing vacations and river cruises in the Netherlands and the Rhine and Mosel in Germany. All 3 vessels are fully equipped and offer all mod cons you can think of. Same as the highest standard the ships are equipped with in terms of customer comfort, the owners of Rivercruise Lines also strive to ensure their vessels are up to the highest standards when it comes to the technical equipment.

Over the last months all 3 of their vessels have been fitted with the following MERUS rings:
– two ½” HCI BIO ring at the hydrofoor,
– one ¼” ring at the feedpipe to the washing machines,
– one 1” IND ring at the feedpipe to the kitchen,
– one ¼” IND BIO ring at the boiler
and last, but not least also
– one ¾” IND ring for the R.O. (reverse osmosis) system.

The way this MERUS ring system works is that the rings, once installed at their respective place, give off tiny oscillations disturbing the lime scale, bacteria and/or maritime growth (barnacles…). Afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away leaving the respective equipment free from any harmful build-up. With the MERUS rings you not only bring back the initially experienced performance level but you also prolong the lifetime of the equipment in question, which means a significant decrease in operational and maintenance costs.

Pronomar are happy to see all 3 River cruise vessels are now equipped with this environment-friendly solution for Green water treatment and trusts the MERUS rings will fulfil their task flawlessly and as expected!