Intercontinental Waterways is a Swiss company with a fleet consisting of 40 river cruise ships, well known for the cruises on, amongst other things, Europe’s second-longest river: the Danube. On numerous ships, for example the Avalon Scenery, Panorama and Passion, the MERUS water treatment rings were installed by Pronomar and now Intercontinental Waterways has given Pronomar the order to outfit the River Navigator, River Discovery II, River Venture and River Splendor.

In the Netherlands, water hardness is expressed in German degrees of hardness or ºdH. Within each country and even within each region, these amounts of water hardness can differ enormously. That is why it is considered a big challenge for river cruise ships, which bunker in different degrees of water hardness along the way, to maintain all sanitary facilities and water bearing systems functional and clean.

Lime scale in “hard” tap water is dissolved calcium hydrogen carbonate and when this water is being boiled, solubility decreases and calcium carbonate suppresses or blocks inside the pipes.
Think of the hot parts of a pan or the heating element of a tea kettle. The MERUS water treatment technology gives off molecular oscillations to the water, disturbing the lime scale, rust or bacteria in your waterlines, without adding chemical (not-environment friendly) substances to the water. As a result, the process of calcification is prevented and in some cases the existing lime scale dissolves layer-by-layer.

The ships of Intercontinental Waterways are protected at the hydrophore for the domestic water system, the calorifier feed pipe and the hot water circulation line.

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