New to join the ranks of the many satisfied customers is the company Jaczon B.V., born from a family business in 1954 and based in The Hague, who today are a global player when it comes to fishing, fish processing and transportation of cooled and frozen goods. With their 300 staff they are also involved in the handling and storage of fruit, meat and fish with a handling and storage facility in Vlissingen, tuna fishing in the Indian ocean as well as in a French fishing company in Brittany.

Now Jaczon have turned to Pronomar for their highly innovative MERUS technology to counteract scaling for their office and cold storage warehouse.

Two 2 and one ½” Merus rings will be installed around their warm-water pipes with the purpose to fight and prevent scaling. The rings, once installed, give off microfine oscillations which disturb the lime scale. Afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away leaving the equipment free from any scaling. By installing the MERUS rings, which is very easy to do and doesn’t involve a lot of effort, you not only prolong the pipes lifetime but you also bring back the initial performance levels.
Last but not least the staff in the office and warehouse will feel a big difference as with the MERUS rings getting rid of the lime scale the water will also feel softer.

Pronomar are happy Jaczon turned to them for support and trust their staff will benefit from the advantages that the MERUS technology for green water treatment signify.