KD Cruise Services, headquartered in Cyprus, manages a large fleet of luxurious motor passenger ships. They have placed a follow-up order for two of their ships, the Avalon Tranquillity and Avalon Imagery, for the installation of three Pronomar – Merus rings per ship to counteract heavy scaling. The Pronomar – Merus rings are a innovative and environmentally responsible option for water treatment in various applications.

The following rings (identical to the installation on the Bellevue and Sonata) were installed in February on both vessels:
• one 3” IND ring at the hydrophore;
• one 2” IND BIO ring at the heat exchanger and last, but not least;
• one 1” IND ring at the supply line to the kitchen.

The rings work in a highly efficient way: after installation they give off tiny oscillations which disturb the lime scale. Afterwards the troublesome substances are flushed away leaving the boiler, water pipes and hydrophore free from any scaling, thus bringing back the initially experienced performance level and diameter of the pipes in question. The equipment’s lifetime is thus prolonged; further the rings are totally maintenance free – two facts which mean a significant decrease in operational costs.