With an in-depth knowledge of the market Pronomar (formerly Pronova CT) is a specialised agent for the supply of high-quality products to the, amongst others,Sports and Leisure market.

Pronomar can provide state-of-the-art drying systems for your golf shoes. Stainless steel systems, made for long-term use, are ideal for a gentle and fast inside drying of the shoes, by warm-air that is passed directly into them via nozzles in the rounded hangers. Due to a high output of air of approx. 200.000 l/h you can dry even between rounds on the course. No matter if you are a professional golfer like Tiger Woods, the world’s number one in golfing, or if you are a passionate hobby golfer, you will definitely see and appreciate the comfort Pronomar’s drying systems provide. Over are the times when you came back with wet shoes and where it took a lot of time and effort to get them dry again. Now you can even come back in between rounds on the course and dry your shoes while taking a break. After only about an hour your golf shoes are dry and nothing keeps you from going back to the green again.

Another major advantage not to be overlooked is that the lifetime of your expensive shoes is prolonged by about 2 or 3 times when always properly dried and maintained.

Pronomar would be happy to provide your golf club with drying systems and look forward to hearing from you!