In 2011 the Lower Dess estate was purchased by the Clayton family, who, in becoming Scottish landowners, were fulfilling a life-long dream. Over the years, they have restored much of the estate to its full potential, e.g. by transforming an old farm into the most luxurious of lodges offering guests the opportunity to enjoy top end comfort, cuisine and service. Most guests go to the Lower Dess estate for fishing activities. The estate lies in Royal Deeside on the north side of the river Dee, which can be fished at low, medium and high water. The beat is 2.23 miles long and includes 18 named pools. The river bank is well maintained and there are carefully sited gabions and croys, to improve fishing on salmon and sea trout.

Recently the estate was looking for a boot drying system for up to 20 pairs of boots, belonging to sportsmen (shooters and fishers) and walkers, who want their boots to dry overnight. This was required for a new fishing lodge, which Pronomar was able to complete with an eletron shoe dryer with electrically heated hangers.

With the Top Trock drying equipment Pronomar can dry sports clothing as well as boots, shoes and gloves within hours, preventing the users from wearing cold and wet garments. Unlike traditional drying rooms, the drying units ensure that the gear is dried from the inside out, taking away the uneconomic need to heat up and ventilate an entire room.