Pronomar is pleased with the first order of Marine Technic for the Maersk Viking. Marine Technic is a major supplier of spare parts and technical equipment for the maritime industry worldwide. The Maersk Viking is a 228m long drill ship and is currently located on the Gulf of Mexico. The Maersk Viking has a rated water depth of 3,600 meters and a rated drilling depth up to 1200 meters. The vessel has been operational since 2014 and can accommodate up to 230 people.

The electrically heated boot dryer which was purchased by Marine Technic, can dry up to 10 pairs of boots or gloves. The drying panel is made out of nearly indestructible stainless steel, ideal for drill ships like the Maersk Viking. Because of the round hangers the boots are evenly dried. The round hangers also prevent the boots from rotating and getting damaged while simultaneously drying the shoes evenly. Dry work boots not only provide improved working conditions but also higher staff motivation and a reduction of diseases among the crew.