We are very happy about an order we received from Seaworks, a Norwegian company based in Harstad that stands for maritime competence in the fields of marine services, such as bulk transport, oil spill response services and eco technology, to name just a few. As Pronomar also stands for competence in the supply and delivery of drying systems to the maritime industry, Seaworks appointed us to deliver our efficient by now globally established Pronomar-Top Trock drying systems for their two vessels Martin H-NB1 and 2.

On both vessels Seaworks decided to install our state-of-the-art stainless steel drying systems for up to 5 survival suits, overalls, jackets, trousers, caps or hoods as well as 6 pairs of boots or gloves each. The costly work wear will be dried efficiently from the inside on rounded off hangers in a short period of time due to a big amount of warm air coming from a powerful blower. Keeping the work wear properly dry and maintained at all times prolongs its lifetime by about two to three times which means a decrease in purchasing costs. But Seaworks not only profits financially but also in terms of their staff. If they are able to work in dry clothes and especially boots their risk to fall sick is reduced and in turn their their well-being is increased immeasurably. Another benefit is that the dryers come with timers which means the drying process still start and stop automatically so all the people have to do is put their outfits over the hangers after a hard day’s work and then relax and enjoy their evening. All the afore-mentioned points add to a higher motivation and excellent work environment on-board.

We from Pronomar are very pleased about this order and with the dryers already installed trust that the crews on both vessels will already be able enjoy the comfort the drying systems provide.