After already equipping several Fitness First clubs in Bordeaux and Paris last year Pronomar were now happy to travel to Paris for a few days to install their highly efficient Merus rings at the remaining Fitness First clubs throughout Paris.

The way the established and high-quality Merus devices work are that after they are installed at water pipes or the equipment in question, they give off micro-fine oscillations that disturb the scaling, afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away, leaving the pipes free and clean which in consequence means that the pipes performance is brought back to the levels initially experienced.

However, not only are the pipes protected from heavy build-up of lime scale and rust, also the staff as well as the people working out at Fitness First will benefit from the Merus Green Water Treatment Technology in the way that the water will be softer and thus more comfortable and a lot easier on the skin.

Fitness France in several other places like Nantes, Brest, Pau etc. will soon follow the Paris example to substitute the salt treatment with the Merus Green Water Treatment Technology in their facilities.

To emphasise the importance and benefits of the MERUS rings, a certificate in French, attesting the use of Merus rings and pinpointing the most important advantages, will be issued.