The latest addition to Pronomar’s customers is the chemical tanker MTS Ardea, built in 2000 and part of the Essberger Tankers fleet, shipping a wide range of chemicals across Europe, from the Baltic Sea all the way down to the Mediterranean.

Pronomar fitted a Merus BIO ring for Hydrofoor and the boiler on board the MTS Ardea. The way it works is straight-forward with the ring being installed around the water pipes and sending micro-fine oscillations to influence the water and disturbing the rust, lime scale, etc. The substance is then flushed away leaving the pipes free from any harmful build-up bringing back the performance levels experienced at the initial installation. The benefits of the MERUS ring not only include the removal of lime scale and rust, the reduction of algae and bacteria, but also a maximised efficiency of the water flow system. On top of that less service or maintenance is required.

Pronomar would be pleased to also help you bring your water systems back to their initial performance and look forward to hearing from you!