Nowadays, most fitness centers focus not only on promoting our physical fitness, but also on providing relaxation after exercise. Many fitness clubs offer additional facilities, such as saunas or steam rooms. In addition to standard facilities like showers, these are additional facilities that need to be kept clean and hygienic. Unfortunately, where water is present, water problems often arise. Fitness clubs are therefore regularly confronted with (visible) limescale on faucets, shower heads, or in steam humidifiers.

With the unique Merus technology, this problem can be reduced. The water treatment disrupts the formation of lime in water pipes. This gives lime a higher solubility, making the substance less likely to adhere to surfaces. As a result, lime washes away more easily, making cleaning easier. For fitness centers, this makes it easier to clean and keep their sanitary facilities clean. This ultimately benefits overall hygiene. The water treatment is also a completely environmentally friendly solution. No chemicals are used and no other substances are added to the water. Also, maintenance is only required once every five years.

Pronomar has already provided more than 1,250 fitness centers in Europe with this water treatment technology. Are you curious about the advantages it can offer for your own fitness center? Feel free to call us at +31 (0)78 68 19 481 or send an email to