Pronomar are happy about their successful cooperation with Mr. Rudolf Weinmayr, the Pronomar-Merus agent responsible for Austria. Together they acquired the Hotel Novapark as a new customer for their highly innovative and efficient Merus rings, a solution to counteract scaling.

Hotel Novapark, opened in 1995 and located in Graz, offers all the amenities a guest can imagine, among the many services and facilities offered, the Nova-Spa is one of the highlights, featuring everything from an indoor pool to whirlpools, different types of saunas, a gym to a beauty parlour and all kinds of massages and wellness treatments. The Hotels Management have recently decided to also make sure the water quality is up to the highest standard and this is where Pronomar come into the picture with their Merus rings.

The following rings were ordered and installed:

– 2 Merus rings were installed at the main water feedpipe of the Nova Spa
– 1 Merus ring at the main water feedpipe for the steam generators

What exactly are the Merus rings and how do they work?

The MERUS rings are an innovative and very environment-friendly solution for green water treatment. After installation they give off tiny oscillations which disturb the limescale. Afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away leaving the equipment in question free from scaling or other harmful build-up. By keeping the pipes free from scaling you not only bring back the initial performance but you also extend their lifetime considerably. Last but not least the rings are maintenance-free which signifies quite a saving in time and operational costs.

Pronomar are happy to count the Hotel Novapark and their Spa to their customers and trust that not only the hotels equipment but also the guests staying there will benefit from the Merus rings, with the water being softer on their skin.