John T. Essberger (JTE), renowed for its quality and flexibility and founded in 1924 as Atlantic Tank Reederei by the tank ship pioneer John T. Esserberger, has a long tradition in transporting of liquids. Today JTE have several divisions, one of which is running a fleet of chemical tankers within Europe. The fleet consists of 27 state-of-the art vessels capable of carrying a wide range of high grade chemicals. The tankers operate from Hamburg and Dordrecht and cover the Europe-Baltic, North Sea as well as Europe-Mediterranean Sea.

One of their latest oil and chemical tankers is the Ursula Essberger, built in 2011 and travelling the North Sea under Dutch flag. It was for the Ursula Essberger, that JTE contacted Pronomar for their innovative and environment-friendly Merus ring solution. Pronomar are happy that Merus rings for the technical water on board the Ursula Essberger were ordered and subsequently installed.

How do the MERUS rings work? This is as easily explained as the rings are installed: after the installation the rings give off tiny oscillations which then disturb the scaling. Afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away leaving the equipment in question free from scaling or any other harmful build-up. By installing the MERUS rings you not only bring back the initial performance level but you also considerably increase the equipments lifetime. Last but not least the MERUS rings, once installed, do not require any maintenance which in turn means crucial saving in time and operational costs.

Pronomar appreciates the trust JTE put in them and are sure the Ursula Essberger will travel scale-free from now on!