With an in-depth knowledge of the market Pronomar is a specialised agent for the supply of high-quality products to the Maritime, Offshore as well as Industrial and Sports and Leisure market.
Straight-forward, solution-oriented thinking and a close-the-client business approach makes Pronomar outstanding in terms of service and they also set standards in, among others, Green water treatment.

Pronomar recently installed a 4” HCI bio ring at the Health City in Waalwijk. The ring was fitted to the water pipes for the swimming pool. The way the ring works is that, after it is installed on the pipes in question, it gives off tiny oscillations disturbing the scaling. Due to the cleaning of the system with the Merus technology the water pipes performance is brought back to the levels experienced at the initial installation.

What the clients at Health City found was that the chlorine consumption had fallen considerably, ie. by about 20% since installing the MERUS ring, as well as the chlorine content that dropped by about 0.10 mg, to a content of bound chlorine of 0.25 – 0.30 mg / litre. Another major fact is the saving on water: before the ring was fitted 80 litres of waters were used in 2 weeks and now, after the installation of the Merus ring they only need 100 litres in 3 weeks, which means an annual saving of 350 litres which equals € 347 per year. Last but not least also the frequency coil did not have to be changed since the fitting of the ring in January. So to sum up the MERUS ring turned out to be perfectly efficient as anticipated with the result of a constant high water quality, less need of water and use of chlorine.

So overall it can be said that the installation of a MERUS ring not only prolongs the lifespan of the water pipes and brings back the initial water quality, but it also helps in saving energy from heating as well as bringing down the purchasing costs, ie for chlorine.