The latest addition to the long list of clients relying on Pronomar, who by now have made a name for themselves in terms of Green water treatment, is the bunkerstation A. Nobel, who will shortly open their new office building and would like to have lime free pipes right from the start.

A. Nobel Bunkerservice, based in Zwijndrecht, have been active since 1969 and since then have changed from a small operation into a large bunkerstation, with a total length of 116 m and width of 11,5 m and a newly obtained a 230 m long quay. They provide all kinds of high-quality luboils, greases and gasoils, among which also the brands Mobil and Castrol, both of which are favoured also by the racingworld.
A. Nobel has now ordered from Pronomar the well established and high-quality MERUS rings in the new office building, due to open shortly.

The purpose of the rings is easily explained: to bring the water and water pipes back to their initial quality. The way the rings work is that they give off tiny oscillations that disturb the lime scale. Afterwards the troublesome substances are flushed away leaving the boiler, water pipes or any equipment in question free from any scaling, thus bringing back the initially experienced performance level. The equipments lifetime is also prolonged which in turn means a significant decrease in operational and maintenance costs.