Latest to install the highly innovative as well as efficient Pronomar-MERUS solution for green water treatment is Mr. Wout Weima, who decided to equip their vessel MTS Riad with MERUS rings.

One 1” IND Industrial ring at the hydofoor &
one ¾” IND Industrial ring at the boiler
will be installed.

The purpose of these rings is easily explained: to counter-act and get rid of scaling. The way this is achieved is that the MERUS rings, once installed, give off micro-fine oscillations which disturb the lime scale. Afterwards all troublesome substances are simply flushed away, leaving the respective equipment free from scale and bringing them back to their initial performance levels. As a consequence, also the equipments lifetime is prolonged considerably. Another major advantage not to be neglected is that there is no maintenance at all involved after you install the rings which means you save both on manpower as well as on operational costs.

Pronomar are pleased to have been able to sort out the scale issues on the MTS Riad and will trust it will cruise the waters scale-free and even more efficient from now on.