Pronomar is happy to have received a very nice follow up order from Euroshipping Voyages, based in Bemmel and part of the Van Meegen Group. They offer a wide range of European luxury cruises on the Rhine, Moselle and Danube and other interesting sailing routes within Europe. With their luxurious accommodation, first-class service and relaxing atmosphere on-board they appeal to sophisticated guests who look only for the best to spend their holidays.

Earlier this year Euroshipping Voyages bought the Switzerland 2, a cruise vessel with 55 cabins and an overall interior that leaves nothing to be desired. But not only their guests benefit from the ambition to offer only the best, also the vessels technical equipment is of the highest standard. In order to keep it this way, Euroshipping Voyages approached Pronomar for their innovative and environment-friendly MERUS ring solution for green water treatment.

The following rings were installed
– 2 MERUS 2” HCI BIO ring at the hydrofoor
– 1 MERUS ¼ “ IND BIO ring at the warm-water pipes
– 1 MERUS ½ ” IND ring at the return pipe boiler and last, but not least,
– 1 MERUS ¾” ring at the waterfeed pipe to the kitchen

The purpose of the rings is easily explained: to keep the pipes, hydrofoors, boilers etc. free from scaling and to bring back the water to its initial quality. The way the rings work is that they give off tiny oscillations that disturb the lime scale. Afterwards the troublesome substances are flushed away leaving the boiler, water pipes and hydrofoor free from any scaling, thus bringing back the initially experienced performance level. The equipments lifetime is also prolonged which in turn means a significant decrease in operational costs as well as a saving in time as there is no maintenance involved with the MERUS rings.

Pronomar are happy to be part of this excellent cruise vessel and trust that the Switzerland 2 will cruise scale-free from now on.