A current topic in the maritime industry is green shipping. A lot of effort is made to upgrade vessels with new technology to minimize its negative impact on the environment. The Merus water treatment can contribute to this.

One of the applications the Merus water treatment can help with, is the limescale in fresh water systems. The two basic principles regarding to scaling, are that solids remain solved in the water up to higher concentrations, and that the scaling that occurs has a softer consistency. For a fresh water system it means that scaling will occur not at all, less or only after a longer operation period than usual. What we can say for fresh water systems as a general rule, is that with Merus you can run devices such as a hydrophore, calorifier, or kitchen applications with less (or no) chemicals with the same outcome or with the same amount of chemicals with a better outcome. Boskalis, Jan de Nul, Wagenborg and Acta Marine have been using the Merus water treatment for this application for years now.

Merus is specialized in treating sea water, such as scaling and fouling of marine growth of all kinds. This will result in the extension of service intervals, a longer lifespan of devices and machines, and the reduction of both time and expenses. Besides that, the water treatment can be operated without further effort after the installation and neither energy nor chemical additives, are needed to maintain the effect. Both contribute to a big step toward environmentally friendly and green shipping.

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