Sustainability has been central to society for a long time. More and more private individuals are therefore looking at options to make their apartment or house more sustainable. One of the most common options for sustainability is limiting energy consumption. This can be done by using durable and energy efficient equipment. A Pronomar – Merus ring can contribute to this. By installing one ring at the main water pipe of a complex, the entire underlying water pipe system is provided with the Merus water treatment. As a result, every apartment benefits from it.

A Pronomar – Merus ring can help indirectly by improving the performance of (household) equipment and reducing maintenance. ‘Clean’ systems that do not contain substances such as limescale and corrosion require a shorter operating time, which ultimately means less energy is used. They also retain their full capacity in this way, which means that the purchase of new devices can be postponed or prevented. In addition to improving energy efficiency, water treatment also helps to reduce the use of chemicals and (chemical) cleaning products. The ring does not add chemicals and other substances to the water. And as a result of the reduced or disappeared deposits, devices that work with water will need to be cleaned to a lesser extent or hardly with (chemical) cleaning products.

The Merus water technology consists of a ring that gives molecular vibrations that slow down the limescale process and keep the deposits in suspension for longer. In this way, it has little to no chance to build up in the water pipes and other related household equipment, such as boilers, faucets or even the coffee pot. The limescale that still accumulates here is easy to clean or wipe away. Interim maintenance is not necessary. However, after the five-year warranty, it is often decided to recalibrate the ring to maintain proper function.

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