Many hotels are dealing with limescale and other related problems in their water heaters, kitchen appliances, swimming pools, saunas and sanitary facilities. If hotel guests experience these (visible) facilities as unhygienic, this can have a negative impact on their overall hotel experience. This experience is often expressed on social media and it is therefore an important aspect to keep these facilities clean and limescale-free. With the Merus water technology, the formation of limescale is reduced, so that the deposit has a higher solubility and the lime can ultimately be washed away more easily. Hotel chains such as Van der Valk, Westcord, Ibis, Mercure, WIN, Novotel, and Hotel New York and the SS Rotterdam have been using this Merus water technology for a long time.

The Merus water technology consists of a ring that gives molecular vibrations that slow down the scaling process and keep the deposits in suspension longer. This way, it has little to no change of building up in the water pipes and other related equipment, such as shower heads or faucets. The limescale that still accumulates here is easy to clean or wipe away. This allows hotel chains to halve their cleaning costs. In addition, it is a completely environmentally friendly solution, because no chemicals are used and no other substances are added to the water. Interim maintenance is not necessary. However, after the five-year warranty, it is often decided to recalibrate the ring to maintain proper function.

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