Marine and fire safety equipment leader Viking Life-Saving Equipment has chosen to equip its service centre in Aberdeen with Pronomar’s drying systems. Viking is a supplier of safety equipment for, amongst others, the Maritime industry. The products Viking supplies include immersion suits, float suits, different kinds of overalls etc. All of the best quality. Therefore it is considered an honour that VIKING chose once again for Pronomar’s drying systems.

The service station in Aberdeen is equipped with 4 mobile multipurpose drying systems with warm-air blower for each 8 survival suits or rescue suits. The drying systems are made entirely out of stainless steel (304).

The drying systems Pronomar supplies are used primarily within the Maritime industry. Pronomar’s drying systems are used to quickly and effectively dry work clothing. With the aid of the drying systems their service centre is now able to manage a faster turnaround, from receipt of the suits to servicing and returning them to the respective owners.

Pronomar hopes to continue this pleasant collaboration with Viking Life-Saving Equipment in the future. Would you like to learn more about the mobile dryers Pronomar supplies? Please check for more information.