Lately and with big pleasure Pronomar received the very positive response from DONG Energy. Not long ago Pronomar delivered four mobile drying carts to DONG Energy for the on-shore drying of helicopter suits at Emden Airport in Germany.

The mobile dryers for Offshore-transport-suits are a great addition to e.g. offshore wind projects with all its movement. Projects typically change every few months. Therefore operators in this industry require mobility and flexibility for the used equipment. Pronomar’s dryers can be easily transported from one project to another, without requiring further handling or installation, which ultimately saves time and money.

Pronomar’s drying carts also contribute in the comfort and convenience for the crew and technicians working for the realization of offshore wind parks. By professionally drying transfer suits and survival suits the staff doesn’t have to work in wet or damp clothes – which can lead to health issues and a decrease in productivity.

In addition to the mobile drying carts, Pronomar also offers fully equipped drying containers for project-based working methods in cooperation with German company ELA Container Offshore GmbH. Drying containers can also be transported easily from project to project, and therefore score high on mobility aspects.

Pronomar looks forward to further cooperations with DONG Energy in the future!