Being eco-friendly is getting more and more important. Entrepreneurs that join the ‘go green’ trend are greatly appreciated these days. Although appreciation is meaningful, it is also important for entrepreneurs that environment-friendly, alternative products are reliable and cost efficient.

The company River Advice started to make her Avalon fleet environment-friendly a few years ago. The Avalon Scenery was the first ship to use the MERUS water treatment technology, which was installed in 2012. It was the beginning of a beautiful cooperation between River Advice and Pronomar. Nowadays, a lot of Avalon ships have the MERUS rings on board and recently the Monarch Empress followed as well.

The Monarch Empress is a luxurious river cruise ship which can accommodate 144 passengers. The 72 cabins are stylish and elegant and more than half of the cabins are featured with a private balcony. Furthermore, the Monarch Empress is equipped with a bar-lounge, restaurant, fitness centre and a lot more.

A river cruise vessel, such as the Monarch Empress, is of high quality and wants to maintain this quality. With the MERUS water treatment technology the lifespan of water bearing installations will be extended, the risk for failures will be limited and service intervals will be extended.

The rings work according to a highly effective principle: after installation the rings will give of an overlapping frequency to the water, which will disturb the deposits of e.g. lime scale in the water lines. The lime scale will flush away along with the water, instead of building up inside the water lines. All existing substances show characteristic, material-bound frequency patterns which are overlapped with targeted frequencies by the MERUS technology. Therefore little to no chemicals – which harm the environment – are needed in the process. Also, less detergents are necessary to keep the sanitation clean, which of course is also beneficent for the environment.