Hamburg Süd Container Lines, headquartered in (of course) Hamburg is a shipping company running a fleet of container vessels all over the world, represented by two brands: Hamburg Süd as a German carrier and Aliança as a Brazilian shipping company operating vessels under the Brazilian flag.

One of their container vessels is the Monte Pascoal, sailing from Santos. It is for the Monte Pascoal that Pronomar supplied their innovative and highly environment-friendly solution for green water treatment, the MERUS rings. The following ring was Installed:

– one 4″ HCI ( High Industrial Capacity) ring for the evaporator

Now, how does it work? This is easily explained: after installing the MERUS ring it gives off tiny oscillations, thus disturbing the lime scale. Afterwards you simply flush away the “troublemakers” leaving the relevant equipment free from scaling or other harmful build-up which in consequence brings back the initially experienced performance levels. Further the equipments lifetime is increased considerably. Last but not least the rings do not require any maintenance which means a significant saving in operational costs as well as manpower. It is safe to say that with the MERUS rings you can be sure of a smooth operation on-board and equipment working to its full potential!

Pronomar are pleased about this new order and trust the Monte Pascoal will cruise with less scaling and better performance of the Evaporator from now and that maybe their sister vessels will follow in the future!