The latest company to turn to Pronomar for support is the company Royal River Line, running a fleet of passenger vessels. The shipowner, Mr. Hendriksen, has turned to Pronomar to equip their passenger cruise vessel MPS Statendam with their eco-friendly, highly efficient solution for green water treatment.

The MPS Statendam is one of the largest river cruise ships operating on the market. They can carry 190 passengers and with the recent complete interior refurbishment it can well be called the stately and beautiful Grand Lady of the Rhine, that leaves nothing to be desired.

The following MERUS rings were installed:
one 1 ½ “ HCI (High Industrial Capacity) ring at the hydrofoor,
one 2” HCI BIO ring at the main water feed pipe at the boiler

The purpose of the rings is easily explained: to bring back the water to its initial quality. The way the rings work is that they give off tiny oscillations that disturb the lime scale. Afterwards the troublesome substances are flushed away leaving the boiler, water pipes and hydrofoor free from any scaling, thus bringing back the initially experienced performance level. The equipments lifetime is also prolonged which means a significant decrease in operational and maintenance costs.
Also the staff and guests on board the MPS Statendam will benefit from the MERUS rings as the water will feel softer.