In May and June 2014 Pronomar installed 4 MERUS rings on the MS Rotterdam at various applications in the kitchen, such as the dishwashers and the piping of the kitchen. Following very satisfying results, Holland America Line (HAL) decided to order 2 additional MERUS rings on-board.

The rings were installed on below mentioned applications:
• 2 x ½” IND ring in the wellness area for the steam generators

One of the benefits of the MERUS rings is less and easier maintenance of the technical equipment on-board, such as the steam generators. Another benefit is that the lifespan of the machinery will be prolonged, because the troublesome substances from scaling or corrosion will be softened and flushed away with the water.

Kitchens in restaurants, hotels or on-board of vessels often experience a lot of water-related problems. Scaling is a well-known problem. With the MERUS technology kitchens need less maintenance, the lifespan of e.g. a dishwasher is prolonged, there will be less scaling deposits on the dishes (glasses!), resulting in a happy staff as well as satisfied guests!