The latest addition to their long list of clients all over the world is the crew on board theMultipurpose Diving support vessel SPCM (H1199) built at Sekwang shipyard in Korea, with a big market share located among the world’s biggest and leading shipyards. The vessel, which will travel under the Bahamian flag, is under the ownership of Saipem and Gulmar Energy SA, one of the world leaders in the oil and gas industry.

This multipurpose diving support vessel is especially designed for oil field supply duties with saturation diving and air diving and it meets the general market and requirements for a safe and economic worldwide service, is now equipped with highly efficient and state-of-the art multipurpose drying systems, all made from seawater resistant stainless steel, to dry their crew’s expensive survival suits, SOLAS Immersion Suits,jackets, trousers, shoes, boots, gloves as well as all kinds of headgear.

Now the people on board can go about their daily work in perfectly maintained and constantly dry work wear. Apart from the fact that their gear has a longer lifetime when it’s always properly maintained; further sick leaves decrease while the crew’s motivation, well-being and health improve; this is in line with the fact that Saipem places a big importance on the health and safety of their people.

All of these factors add up to an excellent work environment.