Another ship from the Royal Boskalis Westminster NV fleet of dredgers, the MW Shoreway, turned to Pronomar (formerly Pronova CT) to have the unique and highly efficient MERUS technology installed, at various places and applications:

– 1 Merus 1 ½” HCI (High Industrial Capacity) BIO ring 1 ½” at the Hydrofoor

– 1 Merus 2” IND ( industrial) ring 2” for the vaccuum sanitary system &

– 1 Merus ¾” IND ( industrial) ring ¾” installed on the water feed pipe separator

The rings installed at the respective places give off tiny oscillations that disturb the lime scale, bacteria, algae etc. in the water. Afterwards, the substances are flushed away leaving water pipes free of scaling and bringing them back to high performance levels. In consequence also the pipes, boilers, tanks etc. have a longer lifespan. As there is no maintenance or service required, another factor not to be neglected is the savings on time and manpower.