After many successful projects carried out with Myklebust Verft, a Gursken-based part of Kleven Maritime AS and combining the building of new ships, like Coast Guard Vessels, fishing vessels as well as offshore and service vessels, in the past, Pronomar are thrilled about their new order to equip the two seismographic vessels NB358 and the NB355. The NB355 carries the name “Sanco Swift” and will be chartered for 3D multi-client projects in Europe during the summer season 2013.

The two vessels will be equipped with our Pronomar-Top Trock stainless steel boot drying systems of outstanding quality. The boot dryers guarantee perfectly dried and maintained boots, shoes and gloves on a daily basis, which not only improves the people’s health and motivation but also helps to save money in terms of purchasing costs for the boots and gloves. All these factors add to an excellent work environment and stability out at sea, no matter how rough and rocky it might get.

Pronomar is very pleased about this new order from Myklebust and trust that, as on the many other vessels previously equipped, the dryers will provide the expected reliability and comfort to the respective crews on the NB358 and NB355 “Sanco Swift”.